I am a Demon Lord but I became the Hero instead

Author/Proofreader : SinEater
Main Editor : Zed (MIA)
Temp Editor : SinEater


A world where Demons and Humans fight without end, strife and despair was an everyday thing, until a human boy that was fated to be the Hero,  was discovered and raised by the Demon King and eventually succeeds his position, becoming both the Demon Lord and Hero, and thus end the long strife that last almost for an eternity, but at a cost, his life.
Since his noble sacrifice should not go unrewarded, the goddess of his world; Maria, decided to send him into another world via reincarnation, hoping that the boy will live in peace, but fate however, has another plan in store for him.
Will history repeat itself once more?

This is a story where a young boy that fights a battle against fate in order to obtain a peaceful everyday life.


[Table of Content]

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Random AF
IRL keep stabbing me at the back…

Most people nowadays always scream and rant how normies should explode and whatnot right?
Well for me it’s the other way around and as such;



That’s all folks!

3 thoughts on “I am a Demon Lord but I became the Hero instead

  1. Just a question. Why does the prologue looked like the entire story??? I’m not complaining though. I thought the moment I clicked chapter 1 the time went back lol


    1. There’s plenty of POV shifts and rewind in the story so yeahhh….
      Anyways for the prologue, Cross was a human baby that was taken in as a prince by the DL and as such was a rightful heir to the throne when the brother died.

      Chapter one however, he was given a chance to be reincarnated because of his achievement in his past life, he was supposed to be a Hero and was selected as one but as the story progresses he once again was selected as a DL…again…


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